QRP rig FS

Paul Goemans

Hello all,
  I am thinning the herd here. Selling my fairly rare S & S Engineering TAC 1 (40 meter) monoband transceiver. A groundbreaking QRP rig design in 1995; a PLL synthesized rotary encoder knob tuned transceiver with an LCD display, rugged aluminum case. I connected it up this morning, heard a CQ, one call, a QSO! Puts out about 4 watts on a gel cell battery, probably 5 watts with a 13.8 volt power supply. Complete with original construction/ operation manual and (optional) internal iambic keyer board. I am not the builder. So there are a straight key jack and an iambic key jack on the back panel! Keyer control pushbutton also on the back panel. Tune knob is used to change keyer settings. Tuning rates 1 kHz and 100 Hz, RIT, narrow AF CW filter. Shipped to US address for $160 PayPal or money order. A fun rig!
Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI

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