Re: HT20/portable progress report.


Johnny AD0BQ,

Thanks for the comeback. Hope we QSO.

We are in a sunspot nadir like I've never experienced.
I've been active long enough to remember some real halcyon DX days.

For new ops, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
Know you are honing skills that will serve you well.
Hang in there!

San Francisco CA USA

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Ge Don
Sounds like great portable operating to me!!
Johnny AC0BQ 

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Dear All,

Just signed with W5IQS (Evan) in TX.
He gave me a 599 which I think was probable because his sigs were 599++ here in SF.
I had to crank down the RF gain.

The point here being that I was operating in full portable configuration.
My HT20 to a very simple "all band mobile vertical" (mounted in a Xmas tree holder) placed on the hood of my Isuzu SUV. 

Did I catch "lightening on a bottle "with this QSO and outstanding report?

Stay tuned in.


Don - W6BOW
San Francisco CA usa

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