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For those that are not ARCI members, but want to see what QRP Quarterly is like, go to the above link.  Over to the left is the “current” Spring issue.  Right below the current issue is a “FREE” download for the Winter QQ edition in pdf.  Unlike the printed editions the pdf is in color and has direct internet links.  Many guys you know are in this issue, like Terry Fletcher in Mike Czuhajewsi’s Idea Exchange. 


Please feel free to pass this around to friends.  Who knows we may get a few more QRPers in our ranks!  So if you have a non QRP local club, pass this info on to them.  Many I am sure would enjoy seeing and sampling some of the articles!  Let’s get them hook and infected with the QRP disease!  J


I just got off the phone with Ken Evans (ARCI Pres) and he mentioned the plan is in the works to have the current issue and back issues soon available to its members.


BTW, some that took me up on getting on the short list for FDIM rooms, now saying that got a room for this year’s FDIM.  I hope to see everyone next week!  Safe travels and 73 de w5jay/jay..

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