4sqrp ss-40 ns-40 magic box for sale

Martin <huyettmeh@...>

Sorry about the incorrect subject line with this. Guess I was too sleepy to pay attention to what I was doing last night.

On 3/28/19 9:13 PM, Martin via Groups.Io wrote:

I have an original SS-40 Receiver, NS-40 with a 4sqrp VXO switch selectable in the same case and the Magic Box which I am ready to part with. I haven’t used them for some time but am confident they still work. Each are built into their own case which I fabricated from sheet metal from a microwave cover and computer side covers! They look pretty good if I have to say so myself.


If you might be interested, please contact me. I’ll consider any fair offer as I’d love to see them in someone’s hands who will appreciate them. They are great gear. I’ve just got too much and keep buying more! 😊






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