Re: Inexpensive DMR


Jim Parks  NY0J
I know you have moved on from the GD-77; but do you have a code plug for the latest version of that radio for KN / MO areas in a file =)   There are six of us around here new to DMR that have bought these radios =)   Can you help out =)



Glad you for those “sea legs” I know the feeling. I started with a Radioddity GD77, then upgraded to the Anytone 868 and had to learn all over again, but I did it. For what it is worth, I have a great code plug for the Anytone that covers most of the DMR and analog repeaters for the western half of Missouri and I’m willing to share it with anyone who would like it.




Jim Parks  NY0J




73's Pat  N5VMO

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