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Paul Smith

FWIW I just checked for a package to the UK and it was $24.00 USD
de Paul N0NBD

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Hi again Steve,
I forgot to mention that since this has been opened and may be missing one or mor of the less significant parts (all the transistors & IC's appear to be there), I'll accept any reasonable offer for this as I have no idea what they sold for originally.  Don't forget though, shipping to the UK runs around $15 or a little less from Kansas to the UK. I'd ship it customs labeled as an electronic parts kit and as a gift to hopefully keep the UK Customs people from charging you duty and/or VAT.

Jim, W0EB

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Subject: [4SQRP] Magic box kit wanted

Hi Everyone and greetings from across the pond,

It’s a long shot but does anyone have a magic box kit they no longer want? Failing that are the Gerbers and Source code available so I can roll my own so to speak? I’m doing some work with an SDR receiver and would like to use some experimental transmitters with it. 

Its a very long time time since I attended OzarkCon but remember it as the friendliest event. I hope this years goes well.

best wishes 

Steve G0XAR 


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