Re: Unbuilt Soup'er Up-'er For Sale


Hello :)
I would keep it if it were mine !
You are correct
The bayou jumper is a great rig without the souper upper
But it is just a wee bit better with it !
For 20 dollars with shipping
You are actually just paying some one else ti take it !

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 3:56 PM Dale Holloway <daleholloway@...> wrote:
I have an unbuilt Soup'er Up'er for sale. I decided I'm happy with my Bayou Jumper the way it is (nostalgic and fun) and will not be installing it. Price is $20, which includes priority shipping. Go to and click on "For Sale" for info on this and an excellent and loaded K1 I'm also selling. Contact info can also be found on the site.
Dale Holloway, K4EQ

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