Re: Soup'er Up'er SOLD


I love my bayou jumper
I will never sell it !
I feel it is my most favorite rig ever !

I sort of 
In a weird sort of way
Feel sort of bad

I could always just bypass it I think !

Because I did install a souper upper in mine
Like I denigrate the idea

But !!!!!
Band spread fine tuning I love
The side tone also great :)
the filter though I never hardly use
I would say 
Long live Bayou Jumper
It has gone the way of the great white whale
Likely never to be seen again !
And that is a shame !
73 72 and to be politically correct 88 :)

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 12:21 PM Dale Holloway <daleholloway@...> wrote:
Thanks to everyone who inquired about the Soup'er Up'er. It has been SOLD.
Dale Holloway, K4EQ

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