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Hi Jim.

The smaller one was in a book on the bookshelf in the Building 1 second floor common area (across from the elevators). Remember in Junior High School when you cut out the insides of a book to hide that transistor radio? - same method.

The larger one was placed in a fake rock and placed on the far side of the back parking lot. I covered the wire with pine needles and I'm told that it was stepped on twice. (The act of stepping on it changed the signal strength and that's what gave it away.) Dang it - I wasn't going to give away any hunting secrets!




On 07/04/2019 4:01 pm, Jim Parks wrote:

Where were they hidden???




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Based on the time required to retrieve the oscillators, I must have done a better job of hiding them this year.
The successful hunters were:

John (K0JDL) from Augusta, Kansas
Joe  (K0NEB) from Lincoln, Nebraska

I was able to pry a few of their hunting secrets from these guys but, unfortunately, I am not at liberty to reveal them.

Great job guys!!! Enjoy your $50 gift certificates.



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