Why no syllabus of Ozarkcon

Walter - K5EST

The ability to have a printed syllabus is a wonderful realm to have from a Conference, however, we have a very laid back format and it allows the speaker to alter their presentations on-the-fly and not deliver a canned program. A person in the audience gets the unusual ability to see the real speaker and getting to know the speaker much better than any canned presentation can allow. Take for instance, Dr. Bob Heil (Heil Sound), there are very few speakers like Dr. Bob and trying to pin him down to a written scripted presentation is close to impossible. He is too dynamic to fence into a structured presentation.

As far as an audio and/or video historical record, well, we do not have the funds available to have a professional presentation. Another consideration that also must be addressed is signed releases allowing Ozarkcon to produce this type of syllabus. Ozarkcon is funded by 4SQRP kit sales and many many hours of volunteer designers and kitters of our kits that fund Ozarkcon.


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