Ozarkcon notes - WA5BDU

Nick Kennedy <kennnick@...>

Good Ozarkcon!  Thanks to all the volunteers. The Friday evening in-hotel QSO party was better than I’d heard it in a while. Paul N0NBD operated WQ5RP. There was a big crowd of stations on 40 meters. I started with my Bayou Jumper but the signals overwhelmed my receiver. So I switched to the NC40A. I worked these stations: W0UFO (Mert), AB0O (John), WQ5RP/N0NBD (Paul), WR9H (Herb), W4RK (Bill), AA0W (Ron), K9ZTV (Kent), N8ZP (Dan).

David Cripe gave a presentation on SWR and matching on Friday afternoon, including revisiting the infamous “conjugate match” controversy.
I hunted the hidden transmitters (two of them) in vain with my Grundig receiver. I guess I need a directional antenna.

I picked up a few things from the presentations. Maybe I'll remember to do some SOTA chasing. I now know a little more than I did before (which was zero) about DMR. I'm almost certainly going to pursue Kicad a bit more and try to get to the point of having boards fab'd from my layouts.

Dave Cripe NM0S introduced his new Nouveau 75 AM transmitter where he once again goes well beyond the techniques most of us are familiar with. Also, incorporating some SMT (pre-mounted in this case) is a bold step and I think the right one.

Saturday after the official closing I decided to take another listen on 40 meters. To my great surprise I was able to work a Mississippi station doing the MS QRP party. My antenna was of the "dummy load" type, with a loop of about 18 feet of #22 AWG wire thumb tacked to the wall and a 50 ohm resistor in series. It's like the one Terry WA0ITP shows on the 4SQRP page, except I included a series capacitor to cancel out the inductance. I NEVER believed I could actually have an out of the hotel QSO with that arrangement. Just goes to show you, I guess.

Nice to see everybody and hope to do it again next year.


Nick, WA5BDU

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