Re: 77th Birthday Present

Ray Cadmus

I'd like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!

Similar story - my wife bought me a 3D printer for my 80th birthday.  I will warn you - it becomes addictive.  My first  print was a power-pole adapter for my FT-817,  next a case for the raspberry PI doing fldigi duty.

Mine is only a printer so I have just had to learn solid design/ 3d cad stuff and the slicers to make the printer go.  You will probably be looking at several varieties of software for design and control of the engraver and CNC as well.

Then, if you are like me, you start lusting after bigger, faster, multi extruder, multi-color etc.  You have just started an interesting journey - enjoy!


Ray    W9EUM  (former W0PFO)


On 4/8/19 3:28 PM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
Some of you that attended OzarkCon this year and spoke with me may have heard the story of my wonderful wife getting me a 3D printer for my birthday which was a day before OzarkCon started (April 4th).  It was supposed to be delivered today, but thanks to FedEx disregarding the specific delivery date, it was delivered Saturday while we were away.  Thanks to my neighbor who intercepted the FedEx driver and picked up the package for me, it was all safe and sound when we got home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

I got it all unpacked, assembled and running about 2:15 this afternoon and it's been running on a project (antenna center insulator) since I got it calibrated.  It's 3:20 Central right now and the insulator is about 75% printed.  The attached picture was taken just after it got the base firmly laid down at about 25% .  

Once I got everything unpacked I discovered that it actually came with 3 separate print heads.  The 3D filament printer, a 200 mW Laser engraving head and a 19000 RPM CNC carving head that can do wood, plastic, PC board material and light, non-ferrous metals with the right bit (included).

Folks, a 77th birthday present (besides still being alive and kicking) don't get too much better than this!  (Her birthday isn't until August 4th so I have lots of time yet to come up with something to top this.  Will be hard though!)

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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