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Thomas Martin

I understand the software issue I belong to a Maker Group and the printers they use have a different software to control.
All I can say is this is one of the best things I have gotten in a long time it will keep me occupied for a long time and I am sure it will you.
You are a lucky man to have your wife pick out a present like that for you mine is not creative so to speak.
The paddles are a blast to make the ones that I made for friends say they work great.
Enjoy and Happy belated birthday.


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Hi Tom,
I have but Cura doesn't support this printer as far as I can tell.
That's due mainly to the fact that it also has the laser engraver and CNC carving heads on the the same XYZ platform. I probably could use Cura and set up the custom printer info to work with this one and may try it but the CAD and Slicer software that SnapMaker provides for this one was so easy to use and can communicate directly with the printer via USB or off line through a USB memory stick, I will probably stick with it. It'll slice and print down to the 20 micron level and that's about as precision as you can get for under 2-5K in one of these things.

I had looked at Creality's Ender series printers and the price was really nice but my wife saw the SnapMaker on B & H Photo's website for under $700 with all 3 heads and even though the build area is not very big, unlike the Ender's, I can do about 5 x 5 x 5 and that's enough for the time being. First two projects I printed as tests worked just fine and both are useful stuff I grabbed from Thingiverse. I had found that site months ago and was drooling over all the stuff you could make with a 3D printer. A half kg roll of white PLA was included with the printer.

I'm waiting for some black and blue 1 kg spools of PLA to get here tomorrow along with some smaller 200 gram spools of ABS in red, blue, green and orange.

ABS is tougher but harder to work with so I'll probably stick to PLA but I did order some just to have on hand if I need tougher material. The 2nd project I printer yesterday in about an hour and a half was a nifty little portable Iambic paddle set and it printed nicely in white PLA. I still have to make up the paddle contacts and wire it but mechanically it's really sound and smooth.

Thanks for the tips,

Jim - W0EB

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Have you looked at Cura it is a slicer software version 4 is out. I have an Ender3 from Banggood has. 250x250x250 mm bed it only does 3D printing but is a good machine for the money about 180.00 delivered.
Thinginverse has quite a few ham radio related prints available. They have a nive Anderson power pole distribution panel using Ham Radio workbench pcb great for QRP. I made two paddles for friends but used magnets from Harbor freight instead of springs much simpler then the springs for me.
You’ll have a blast with printer I’m 75 and feel like a kid with a new erector set at Christmas using the thing.

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