How do I best operate a 4S-Tuner with a Doublet antenna ?



  I plan to operate my 4S-Tuner with a 40m "Doublet" antenna.  The doublet has two 1-wire legs, 22 feet each, with a 28 foot 2-wire feedline, which I assume is "balanced". (See URLs below for details). 
  I have 2 questions. 
    I recently re-read the manual, which states the following:  "With an external balun it will also match antennas with balanced feedlines."  However, there are 2 binding posts that share the same internal circuit connection as the output BNC connector ("ANT"). 
  Q1:  Can I just connect the "balanced" 2-wire feedline directly to the posts, picking one as the "antenna" and the other as "ground"? 
  On a related note, it seems that the 4S-Tuner is geared primarily towards high-impedance antennas, such as EFHW. 
  Q2:  How does it perform with an antenna with an impedance close to the nominal 50 ohms? 
  Thanks much for your insights!
Cheers & 73,
Bob KM6BMX  
--  central AZ
    NorCal "Crappie" antenna
NorCal "Doublet" antenna

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