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You can also get them from I got mine from them a year and half ago didn’t think about putting it in a cookie sheet neat idea. The silicone mat ar e a nice addition to the work bench.


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Hi Everybody!

It's Virginia NV5F

I met some of you guys at Ozarkcon and had a great time! I hope I can make it back next year.

During the kit building Joe and I were using these nifty blue silicone soldering mats. I think there will be something on them in April CQ.

Anyway I was asked to provide information on them here. I actually head about them from Bob Heil on Ham Nation. Apparently Heil Sound has started using them. They are used by technicians to repair cell phones and small electronics but they work great for building kits! They are good for ESD and aren't affected by hot solder. They also have magnets that will hold little parts in place until they are needed. The magnets also help the mat stick to a cookie sheet!

And I got them on Amazon!

Kaisi S-140 magnetic insulation soldering mat

They come in several sizes. The S-140 fits perfect in a medium steel cookie sheet from Wal Mart!  And I find that when it gets overrun with leads and solder blobs you can clean it off with a piece of masking tape. And if you need to move your work just pick up the cookie sheet. Also the silicone makes for a nice quiet work surface.

Hope this helps everyone have even more fun building stuff!

Hope to see some of y'all in Dayton.

Virginia NV5F

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