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John Lonigro

I guess I need to reiterate that everyone participating in the SSS should think about those with Bayou Jumpers (and other rock-bound rigs) and scan around 7122 (+/- 1 kHz or so) and other 4SQRP frequencies.  Hopefully you'll snare someone like WA9AOE.  Besides getting another couple of points, you'll help your fellow 4SQRPer garner some as well.  Too bad I didn't mention this BEFORE the contest.  I'll try to remind everyone next month.  I think people were more conscious of this shortly after the Bayou Jumper was introduced a few years ago.

By the way, Lee, some of us sign "72" instead of "73" to indicate we are operating QRP.  There's nothing wrong with signing "73" either.

72 (or 73).

John, AA0VE

On 4/15/19 9:37 AM, Leland Lannoye wrote:
I would love to participate. I am OK at abt 12wpm. However, my 7122 xtsl is actually 7121.1. I have a second 7122 xtal that tests out at 7120. I have my Bayou Jumper. I might have my SDR Cube on shortly. It is all controlled but only puts out about 1 watt. X1M is good for 5 watts but the receiver is noisy.

Lee, WA9AOE 

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I backed into the Sprint.
I responded to Terry's post and found 3 guys on 7122 and then found Terry on 3564... The QSB was fast but I got em. de Paul N0NBD

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This is a friendly reminder to enter your Second Sunday Sprint scores by
tonight.  Go to to do so.  I will tabulate the
results tomorrow and publish them by Wednesday morning.


John, AA0VE
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