SSS Results

John Lonigro

There were 12 entries this month, including several new participants, a fine showing.  Maybe everybody is still pumped up over Ozarkcon.  A big welcome to Steve (WB5CTS) and George (K3EMS). If my records are correct, these two are first time entrants in the SSS.  Also, Paul (N0NBD), Bob (K0FHG), Terry (WA0ITP), and Paul (WA9PWP) made their first entries for 2019.  Welcome back, gentlemen.

The winner for April is Carl (WB0CFF) with 20 points, followed by Chas (W2SH) with 15 points.  We have reached the 1/3 point for the 2019 contest.  The overall leader is Chas (W2SH) with 52 points.  In second place is Nick (WB5BKL) - 45 points.  In third place is Carl (WB5CFF) - 38 points.

Carl will receive his April certificate via email shortly, once I create it.

The May SSS probably conflicts with Mother's Day.  It does every year.  You've got a month to figure out what to give the XYL in exchange for a couple of hours on the radio that night.  You have been warned!

72 until next month,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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