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ESD mats are for benchtop usage.

The same applies to the Craft E Mat or the Kasis S-140 previously mentioned before.

Large ESD floor mats or even ESD floor paint exist, but they are mostly for production areas and repair shops. In this case, technical personnel wear ESD ankle straps over their shoes to discharge static electricity to the floor.


Quoting Bob Parr <>:

Is the idea to use this on a bench as a work surface or on the floor under your feet?


I had problems following the links. I went to Amazon and searched
for Bertech Rubber ESD and there you go........ all kinds of

Thanks Bill for that info, used these years ago but here in Florida
especially during the summer there's not much static if you're shop
isn't air conditioned!! I may get the 18 x 24 one for my winter


If you need a parachute and don't have one you probably won't need
one again.

On Apr 15, 2019, at 18:39, W4OED <> wrote:

Hi there,

I sensed that there was a bit of confusion regarding ESD mats and
I would like to clarify a few things, if I may. BTW, I work at an
electronics equipment factory and I wear an ESD wrist wrap and an
ESD lab coat when writing and verifying the testing procedures
for our products.

The Craft E Mat may be good as a work bench protector and
components gathering device, but it is not ESD compliant.

Here you have an example of a true ESD mat:
g+cord &qid=1555363698&s=gateway&sprefix=ESD+mat%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-

In any event, ESD compliant mats and wrist straps are only
necessary when working with ESD sensitive devices, such as MOSFET
transistors, computer ICs, RAM memory sticks, some LEDs (laser
and UV), and CMOS ICs. Most TTL ICs
and bipolar transistors are quite resilient to ESD.

For the most part, when the ESD sensitive devices are soldered or
connected to the PCB, they become more resilient to ESD. When the
PCB carrying those devices is connected to the rest of the
equipment, only some I/O ports may still be ESD sensitive.

ESD compliant mats have a high-resistance top layer that
dissipates static electricity by sending it to a ground
connection. This ground can be the ground terminal of a nearby ac
socket or a dedicated low-resistance earth ground rod. The wrist
strap works in a similar fashion.


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Opps...forgot the link


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Yes, these silicone mats are nice for bench work/kit building.
I have been

using the one

below now for a few months. Grand kids orginally bought one for

projects and I was

attracted to the large 1/2" sides to contain things. Also the

working area allow me to

also place test equipment/tools on the work area and still have
lots of

space. I use a anti-static

wrist band when needed.


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On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 6:55 PM Tim McDonough N9PUZ


We have rolls of material that look similar at work. They cut
it to size
for the work area but then the corner gets punched and a snap
installed which has a lead connecting it to ground.

I've been starting to look for a small anti-static mat for my
home bench
and these that were mentioned look nice since they have the
raised edge
help keep things from escaping.


On 4/14/2019 5:05 PM, AG1P Ron wrote:

I was wondering same thing - From Amazon page -

?This is silicone anti static mat, but its just static
resistant, If
want ESD protection with your body, you can use it with an
anti static
wrist band

72 - Ron - AG1P

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Any idea if these mats are anti-static as well?


On 4/14/2019 2:02 PM, Virginia R Smith wrote:

Hi Everybody!

It's Virginia NV5F

I met some of you guys at Ozarkcon and had a great time! I
hope I can
make it back next year.

During the kit building Joe and I were using these nifty blue
soldering mats. I think there will be something on them in
April CQ.

Anyway I was asked to provide information on them here. I
actually head
about them from Bob Heil on Ham Nation. Apparently Heil Sound
has started
using them. They are used by technicians to repair cell
phones and small
electronics but they work great for building kits! They are
good for ESD
and aren't affected by hot solder. They also have magnets
that will hold
little parts in place until they are needed. The magnets also
help the
stick to a cookie sheet!

And I got them on Amazon!

Kaisi S-140 magnetic insulation soldering mat

They come in several sizes. The S-140 fits perfect in a
medium steel
cookie sheet from Wal Mart! And I find that when it gets
overrun with
leads and solder blobs you can clean it off with a piece of
masking tape.
And if you need to move your work just pick up the cookie
sheet. Also the
silicone makes for a nice quiet work surface.

Hope this helps everyone have even more fun building stuff!

Hope to see some of y'all in Dayton.

Virginia NV5F

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