Re: 4SQRP at FDIM?

Jim Kortge

On 5/11/2013 12:42 AM, ka0ncr wrote:
Hi Group,

Just was wondering if there were going to be very many from the 4SQRP group going to the Four Days In May FDIM gathering next week?

I would like to try to get a picture of the whole group, or at least several pictures of some of the group if we can't get everyone in the
same place at the same time. This 2nd case will probably be more likely!

I will be there Thursday night for the vendor night, and can take some pictures of our group as they show up at the table. I suppose that
the best time to do this would be after the build-a-thon lets out?

I thought that I would throw this out to the group, and see what kind of response I get. I would like to send the pictures into the OzarkCon banner, and everyone who shows can be in the newsletter..

On the other hand, If everyone thinks it is a bad idea, I will probably not do it...

Thoughts? Please post..

73 - Arnie KA0NCR
Sure works for me Arnie. See you there at the 4 SQRP table.

Jim, K8IQY

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