Re: Magic box build, no sidetone

Jim Kortge

On 4/21/2019 4:28 PM, Kenneth Ketner via Groups.Io wrote:
Greetings folks.
Hello Ken,

Finally getting around to building Magic Box.
That kit is getting long in the tooth!  :-)

Can’t get a side tone at the side tone test step.
Can you send along a photo of the PCB as it currently is built, top and bottom sides so I can have a look at what you've done so far?

Can you verify that there are 2N3804 transistors at locations Q14 and Q15 and a 2N7000 at location Q16?

Replaced R46 from 10meg to 100 ohm.
That change has nothing to do with the side tone generation.
Prior tests ok.
What were your voltage readings in those tests?

Is this a known problem?
No, not at all.

Send photos and answer questions and I'll try to help you.

73, Ken Ketner ka5eld


Jim, K8IQY - The MagicBox Designer

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