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thumb on skirt, index on top of knob, middle on skirt. slight  squeeze pressure with middle and thumb to control rebound . Index controls down pressure. Just like the old manuals show. Has worked best for me. try several methods and see what gives you best result. Just don't become a "tapper". sounds funny on the dits....... hi hi

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I much prefer the navy knob and/or skirt. Index and middle finger on knob and thumb and ring finger on skirt

Steve Roberts

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guys I suppose I am un-American as a ham..i have a rough time sending with a navy knob..i'm used to the j 38 style knob.. how about suggestions as to where to put my fingers for better control:)
as all my current keys have the navy knob style..might as well learn it..tee hee..
ive improved, but its sloppy some times and I prefer good code after all these years.
I can read almost anything..a few guys I never got the call straight I guy in nj comes to mind.. once he sends his name and all you can read it..but is it kb2 ???? lol  one day i'll get it right send a qsl and always know tee hee 73 dennis
wd9dwe skcc 1564T hope to be back qrp very soon.

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