Dale Putnam

The FOXTRAVAGANZA happens Thursday evening, on 40 & 80, at 7pm MT, for the fastest 90 minutes in radio,
exchange. All the FOXES for the season, will be calling "CQ FOX"  and all the HOUNDS.. (that's everyone else) will
be answering or shooting at the FOXES.

- Signal Report
- Operator's Name, and
- Power Output
Examples: 559 CO ET 1W
                579 NM DOC 5W

Then, after it is all over, and we are licking our wounds. We need to post our results, to the qfox reflector.
It's the celebration of a successful Winter Season. The results of that can be seen on
QRP Fox Hunt Home Page<>
A QRP Fox Hunt is a series of 90 minute Amateur Radio events during which low-power (QRP) stations, or "Hounds," attempt to make contact with specific QRP stations designated as "The Fox."

Remember.. only 5 watts. 2 bands. 90 minutes.
and the whole thing is about propagation study.
check out the maps for the season. Tells the tale of props!!!

or find us on FB.

Good Luck

WC7S WY Lee 5w

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