Re: Free Antenna Book

Donald Sanders

Yes, I had the same experience. However if they really wanted the information they could by looking up your call on or the FCC database.
So either way I just saved them the trouble. However, The phone number is my old magic jack which i haven't used for 3 years. 
I get enough robot calls every day that I don't answer. If they can't respect me enough to leave a voice mail, to heck with them. 
Dr. Don W4BWS

God Bless All

Ham Radio does not make the world go round.
Ham Radio is what makes the ride worthwhile.

On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 11:00 AM W4OED <w4oed@...> wrote:

Update on the download.

I HAD to accept receiving Palomar's emails to continue to Checkout.

Moreover, I had to give them my address and phone number for the 
DOWNLOAD button to show.

I agree with giving my email to someone who wants to sell me something 
in exchange of useful (and free) items.

However, requiring the full name, phone, and address is a bit too much 
intrusive, at least for me.

I will dedicate some time during the weekend to go over the document, 
which seems already very interesting.

Thanks again for the link.


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