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I love your Kits. Mark/WQ8S

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The FDIM Buildathon project has pretty much been put to bed. I have prototype kits and O*Scopes in the hands of the volunteers and we have been talking over the build and challenges of the Buildathon. All currently available information is up on the Buildathon page: <>

If you are registered for, picking up or simply interested in the Buildathon project, you should go to the web page and check out the documentation. For the registered builders, you should wait until just before FDIM and print out the very latest in documentation before you head off to Fairborn. I expect there might be some last minute Buildathon instructions posted as we develop a strategy to get everybody out of the Buildathon in a decent time frame. I don't want to be helping builders finish their builds at midnight! It is an ambitious build as I always try to present a unique, playful yet very useful kit for the Buildathon.

The $50 price tag is a little steeper than usual, but then again, everyone will be heading home with the pretty neat (if I say so myself) O*Scope FUN kit AND a pretty nice, fully assembled eminently portable oscilloscope from Circuit Specialists! They sell the scope alone for $40 in their catalog! I bought one from them at the Rocky Mountain Division Convention last year. On my way home from ABQ, I dropped into Point Texas to visit my friend Chuck, W5USJ, and he loved it. He already had one of the stripped down models from some China seller that didn't come assembled in a really nice case and had a wacky probe with j-hook ends. The CS model comes fully assembled in a really nice case and had a real live scope probe! So I gave mine to him to play with and perform comparisons. I think it was a clear winner as it is his preferred toy now.

Here is the link to the O*scope: <>

I just checked and they are currently out of stock until after FDIM. I made a special deal with them for the units included in the Buildathon so I could include them in the Buildathon package and still offer an incredible price for the Buildathon. We have a full room of builders and a waiting/pickup list of 11 Qrpers! There is no room at the inn, so to speak, but I will have some Buildathon kit/scope bundles to sell at vendor night and over in the fleamarket..... My supply of scopes  is NOT unlimited; however, so if you think you might want to pick up one at vendor night you might be able to pick one up....... If you definitely want one, you might want to buy it now! I already have 11 reserved and counting. I will shut the web page off when I run out of scopes. I will create a new page for just the Buildathon kit pretty soon and while the price will be reasonable, it will NOT be anything close to the deal right now!!

Rex  W1REX

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