Good propogation for the coming week

Dr Jim Kennedy

Perhaps it is only wishful thinking that we are soon to see the entrance of Solar Cycle 25, but if not, at least it hints that conditions over the next few days are on the upswing.

Direct Hit After a Long Wait: Solar Storm Forecast 05-09-2019

"...two monster bright regions rotate into Earth view.
They have been rapid firing solar storms and solar flares over the past week and finally one has been launched in the Earth-strike zone! According to models the storm will arriveĀ on May 11! ..."
"...amateur and emergency radio operators are now enjoying a big bump in the solar flux that is boosting radio propagation back well into the marginal range. Although the bands will remain noisy with low level solar flares, radio propagation on Earth's day side should continue to be decent over the next week or more!..."

"... boosted the solar flux up to the high 70s ..."
"... conditions could easily continue over the next 2 weeks..."

73, Doc - K2PHD
*72/73, Doc - K2PHD
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