Re: audio out and speakers

Tom Sevart

On 05/11/19 07:50, Paul Goemans wrote:
Hello again,
  Another comment on the Hilltoppers. Sitting in the shack and don’t feel the need to wear headphones? With the “audio” mod, I find the Hilltopper will drive a loudspeaker well! After trying many speakers over the years, I found the BEST external speaker is the Motorola HSN4018. Per Motorola, this speaker is a “13 watt water-resistant speaker designed for installation on a motorcycle.” Any rig that drives headphones well will drive this speaker well! These speakers were frequently found used at hamfests. If you find one, grab it!
HSN4018 (2)
I have two which I purchased at a hamfest a few years ago. They had a box full and were selling for $5 apiece. I probably should have grabbed more than just 2, but I didn't think I'd use them all.

Tom Sevart N2UHC
St. Paul, KS

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