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Cliff, KU4GW
OK on your physical challenges and on your triumphs Cliff. Thanks for inspiring.

I built my NM0S HI-PER-MITE CW filter years ago. Still works great. Ideal for QRP Home Brew stuff.

Or ...

... one can go really basic and save a few precious mAs with a PASSIVE CW filter.

Please see attached from "QRP Notebook by Doug DeMaw (ARRL)"
I've used this circuit to great advantage.


Don Buckter - W6BOW
San Francisco  CA  USA

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Hey guys!
                I bought the original AA0ZZ EZ Keyer several years ago, but had never built it mainly due to me feeling bad almost all the time as a result of the chemo drug Revlimid that I take as a maintenance drug to keep multiple myeloma blood cancer from returning. I was diagnosed in stage 3 back in 2007, but beat it after 7 months of IV chemotherapy and radiation followed by a autologous stem cell transplant. It came back in stage 1 in 2010, but I was able to put it into remission again after 8 months on 25 mg Revlimid and I still take the 15 mg ones 21 out of every 28 days to keep it in remission, I hope for many many years to come since there is no cure for it, but Revlimid just zaps my energy and I never feel much like doing anything at all other than playing on my radios or laptop PC. Well, I've been feeling good just recently so I finally mustered up the energy to build the keyer and it is working great! I hope I continue to feel good because I have 2 other kits I've never finished, one is a NM0S HI-PER-MITE CW filter kit and the other is the Pig Rig version 1 QRP transceiver that transmits around 7037 kHz along with a enclosure for it I got from Ten-Tec and also labels that W8DIZ Diz printed and mailed to me. I've had all these for several years, I believe the serial number on the Pig Rig is # 47. I found the receipt for it and I bought it in August 2014. Hopefully I'll have both of them finished soon if my energy level holds out for a while. Anyway, like the subject line says, "Better Late Than Never!" 

Very 72/73
Cliff, KU4GW
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