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If I remember what Dave told us as this kit was being released, Paul’s google search is correct.
Johnny AC0BQ 

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David might have a better story but I took this from a google search. I dont remember it but ......
de Paul

The Phantom Empire is a 1935 American Western serial film directed by Otto Brower and B. Reeves Eason and starring Gene Autry, Frankie Darro, and Betsy King Ross.[1] This 12-chapter Mascot Pictures serial combined the western, musical, and science fiction genres. The first episode is 30 minutes, the rest about 20 minutes. The serial film is about a singing cowboy who stumbles upon an ancient subterranean civilization living beneath his own ranch that becomes corrupted by unscrupulous greedy speculators from the surface.[3] In 1940, a 70-minute feature film edited from the serial was released under the titles Radio Ranch or Men with Steel Faces. This was Gene Autry's first starring role, playing himself as a singing cowboy.[4]

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Can someone tell me how/why the name "Murania" was chosen for the kit?  I thought I might find an explanation in the manual or in the 4SQRP kit description, but no luck.  Seems to me it should be in both places. :)


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