Re: Anyone else watch "Young Sheldon" on CBS?


I did see the show. The antenna looked like a magnetic loop antenna to me.

On May 17, 2019, at 12:09 PM, W4OED <> wrote:

I think that the producers had to show an "antenna" of some kind so non-radio viewers would recognize it as such. When I was in high school (late 60s), one of my classmates came home because he wanted to see my ham radio antenna. When I showed him my half-wave dipole with ladder feedline, he could not believe that something that simple could allow me to communicate with other ham operators. Hence, I showed him my "other" antenna, a beautiful wooden-frame loop antenna that I had inherited along with an old galena radio. That one did fit his idea of a "real" antenna and he later left, very satisfied with his finding. Some people seem to prefer preconceptions to reality, it seems.

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