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Paul Smith

Hello Terry, a pink computer is dandy. Some cao tape would be cool tho he he he have a good and safe one de Paul N0NBD

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Hello from the Holiday Inn in Fairborn. Just unloaded the car and am ready for the festivities. If you are attending FDIM pse stop by the Four State table. I brought a representative sample of ou8it kits including the new Cyclone transceiver (thanks to strong work by KB9JLO.

As a special treat I have 200 bags of microwave popcorn which are free for the taking. Jolly Time popcorn is located in Sioux City Iowa, and they made me a special price. So come pick up a bag, my treat.

I'm listening to a baseball game on my grand daughter's netbook and can hardly stand the audio quality. Just wondering has anyone else else experienced this? Were you able to improve ot? Powered speaker maybe?

btw N0NBD says it takes a strong man to use a pink computer, think I'll look for some camo tape :o)

72 Terry WAØITP

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