Re: VXO /parts/ Xmtr /Parts (Missed the kits !)


Lou, thanks for the info ,i have lots of stuff from Doug !  Maybe i can stretch it to 5 Wts. (hi)

         73, Jerry

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That one by W1FB from the 80s is a good one. 40 meter VXO transmitter with instant QSK. I believe the final was an MPS U02 and it ran about a watt output. It worked great. 
72, Lou

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Anyone out there build the Qrp Xmtr with the Vxo ? Not the kits !

 I am wanting to build a qrp Xmtr with a Vxo ! It will be on pcb with pads .

             Thanks, 72,73,

       Jerry Uhte  K9UT

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