Re: VXO /parts/ Xmtr /Parts (Missed the kits !)


Curt, thanks for the info, i do remember years ago when i was going to build the 2n2222 rig as i was building stuff then with the cu pads !  Got lazy and got a K2 !  Hi !  Now its all coming back !

           Thanks , 73,

          Jerry K9UT

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For the final, examine some designs that use a pair of 2n2222 or 2n2219 devices in parallel (note a small resistor a few ohms in each emitter leg) - check K8IQY designs for ideas on the PA circuit.  idea is to use what you have or can find. 

Certainly research QRP VCXO on the web should bring some hits.  sometimes a few identical (or close value) crystals are used in parallel - but okay to start simple with one device.

'Famous QRP rigs that used a VCXO?  The 38 special used a high frequency xtal (to tune about half of 30m) and mixed down.  uMountaineer by K7ZOI had a frequency shift function to hop between two images or transmit on two frequencies.  cool stuff!

enjoy your build


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