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Gwen Patton

I'm interested in this little gem myself. I like having multiple options, and like building radios!

Gwen, NG3P

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You make excellent, valid points.

Perhaps some day the 4SQRP guys and gals will put out that all purpose rig you desire.

My opinion for what it's worth ….

4SQRP (kits) needn't (and shouldn't) attempt to be all things to all HAMS.

I'm old enough to remember the "AM v SSB" battle. Believe it or not the AM faction called SSB "Silly Side Band". The SSB faction called AM  "Ancient Modulation".

Per (in my opinion) the excellent May 2019 Banner "Coming Soon" writeup, "If you have never experienced AM on the ham bands, it is a real treat.  Voices sound very natural, and conversations are relaxed without the listener fatigue that comes with distorted SSB.  The Nouveau 75 is a great entry level rig to give AM a try." 

Emphasis (my own) on, "give AM a try".


W6BOW - Don


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the link referred to worked fine, - but: AM only?  no ssb or cw?  I'm thinking about emergency uses, including monitoring and checking into 75m nets...there are numerous fine ones (western usa, and I believe also all of N America/Canada...)  especially, no receive electronics for those?  


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