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David Wilcox


Good choice if that was where your heart was.  I was a famIly doctor for 44 years, sometimes getting 3 paychecks a month (3 jobs:  office, ER, and county jail) BUT I never worked a day in my life....... practice sprinkled with ham radio, sailing, church work  made every day a joy.  Now in retirement it seems the energy is gone when the time is available but the radio room is my therapy.  Much cheaper than a psychiatrist and much less trouble than a mistress.  Ha!

Dave K8WPE
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My kit arrived this week and I will be building before our local ham club meeting in June.

I have working  4SQRP LPF built at Ozarkcon a while back.

Will be giving talk and short demo with these filters.

When I was at MIZZOU for masters in '69 and '70 took graduate course "DIGITAL AND SAMPLE DATA SYSTEMS"

and one of my projects was using main frame to emulate/implement  Chebyshev analog filter principles as digital filters.

That's about the time I decided to bail out of EE  for med school :-)


Jerry N4EO

On Sat, Jun 1, 2019 at 7:37 AM nm0s_qrp via Groups.Io <> wrote:
A sharp-eyed builder spotted some mistakes in the 4SQRP HPF kit instructions with incorrect part numbers.  In a nutshell, the proper parts values are:  C1 and C5 470pF Mica, C3 is 330 pF Mica, C2 is 0.01u ceramic, and C4 is 0.0047u ceramic.  The updated assembly manual and schematic, revision A, will be uploaded to the web page soon.

If you have assembled your kit, please modify it per this information.  If you need replacement components, let me know.

73 Dave Cripe NM0S

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