Re: Hilltopper 20

Don, W9EBK

Since you asked,  I'll tell you my story.  I built a Hilltopper 20, along with a 20 meter end fed half wave antenna, travel paddle,  etc to take with me on a trip to Hawaii. For the 9 days I was on Kauai the sun didn't produce a single sun spot,  the solar flux hovered around 68, and my QSO count remained at 0. A Hilltopper 40 would have been a much better idea. I still think the Hilltopper 20 is a good radio and look forward to making some contacts on it this summer. 
Don, W9EBK 

On Sat, Jun 1, 2019, 1:56 PM Jerry Pereira <digilink@...> wrote:
What has been your experience with the above rig in terms of making contacts.
Jerry - K4KBL 

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