FS: QRP Gear

N8DAH <Dherron@...>

Had a unexpected car repair and need to move a few things out of the shack.

I have the following all built by me.

Norcal 40A 10T-Pot, Solid 3w out tuned for 7.025-7.070ish at 690Hz with built in Touch keyer 4x100char memory with jackyack software. 100$ Shipped

Ultimate3S kit with GPS, 3x bs170 finals installed and filters for 15/20/30/40/80m bands factory reset. 100+ in parts asking 110$ Shipped wired stock for 5v.

Hilltopper20 with LCD mod installed with 3D printed mount. asking 115 $ shipped

HobbyPCB RS-HFIQ 5W SDR with IQ Keyer: comes with cables for audio and pc usb, sold new north of 350$ yours for 275$ Shipped.

Deluxe TennaDipper Custom enclosure 50$ Shipped

More pics for e-mail please contact direct/private gud on the zed Paypal preferred.




Shop now open!


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