Pacific Antenna (QRP-Kits) 41dB Step Attenuator

Jim Sheldon

I bought the 41 dB step attenuator kit from Pacific Antenna (QRP-Kits)  It's an open PC board with no cover and since it will actually handle 5 watts transmitter power, I thought it needed a case (there wasn't one available).  After I got into 3D printing, Jim Kortge (K8IQY) recommended Fusion 360 as a 3D CAD program to create my own designs for printing and helped me get started with it, I used the attenuator case as a learning project for Fusion 360 and actually managed to create a usable case that didn't look too bad either.  

I just got it published on one of the big 3D printer websites, "Thingiverse" where it is "thing" number 3684670  ( ) and can be downloaded by anyone that needs it.

It isn't perfect, but it did come out looking pretty nice and sure will keep fingers (and fallen component leads, etc.) out of the exposed wiring as well as look decent on the bench.

Jim, W0EB

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