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Mike D

I've have a Makerbot replicator (dual extruder) and a Prusa I3.  The makerbot is junk, the prusa is great and open source.  

I have printed a lot of pla, abs, and petg.  Work related prototypes, radio parts, eurorack parts, camera parts, and many AR15 and other firearm lowers.  I highly suggest sticking with an open source machine and avoiding the really low end models.  A heated bed is very helpful also.  Dual extruded are generally unreliable.  

The best deal out there currently is the anycubic mega-s, a Chinese clone of the prusa for ~$300ish.

Stick to name brand filament unless you like wasting lots of time.  If your time isnt of value some of the cheaper Chinese stuff is ok to tinker with, but if like me you dont have much free time - buy quality and spend your time enjoying it.

Mike kd5rjz

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019, 10:53 AM WA4EFS <himself@... wrote:

To those who have used a 3D printer to fabricate panels or other accessories –

Please share your experience, including printer make/model, ease of use, quality of output, etc.


Thank you,

-Lloyd (WA4EFS) ,_

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