Re: 3D Printing

Thomas Martin

I have an Crealty Ender 3 from Banggood. It came as a kit cost was about 170.00 delivered. You tube had assembly instructions basically very easy to assemble.
I would recommend going to youtube to get ideas on setting up and use.
I have made a series of items that were taken from thingiverse. They include duel paddle key and an Anderson power distribution panel. The keys were gifts go CW friends have received good feed back on them.
Ii have to depend on items published to thinginverse as I am not well versed in the cad programs to design my own.


On Jun 12, 2019, at 10:53 AM, WA4EFS <himself@...> wrote:

To those who have used a 3D printer to fabricate panels or other accessories –

Please share your experience, including printer make/model, ease of use, quality of output, etc.


Thank you,

-Lloyd (WA4EFS) ,_

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