Lobstercon2019! is coming fast!

Rex Harper


Lobstercon2019! is approaching fast! THREE weeks from this very night, many of us will be sitting in a nice restaurant and swapping stories at the NoHost dinner. So far, I have 36 registered attendees driving in from: ME, NH, MA, CT, VT, OH, MO and ONT! I have another 35 or so Lobsterconners who always sign up at the last minute so it looks like a crowd of about 75 at the latest count. This being the 20th year I've hosted this party, I think there will be a few more unexpected arrivals. Hope to have between 80 & 100 crustacean wranglers this year...

Skip on over to the following link if you might be interested: http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=L19

Rex  W1REX

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