Re: Field Day

chuck adams <chuck.adams.k7qo@...>

Out of 52 Qs I had 6 1E contacts.  I was doing 1B with a 5W S/N 001 from a park
5 blocks from the lab.  Started on 20m at local sunset when the band opened up.
Repeat on Sunday a.m.

I got 22 states and N7WY couldn't hear me this a.m.  No DX worked, but heard.

But, I might bring up the following question and squash me if I am wrong.
Do you believe that a digital operator should be given the same per QSO
points as a CW operator?    Should not the CW op be given some credit for
the time and energy in on learning a skill that is not done without a (*&*)(*
computer?  I put this in the same category as 'dumbing down' the skill
level of the ham population.  Go  for the bucks.

For your consideration from a grumpy old guy.

chuck, k7qo

On 6/23/19 5:28 PM, Paul Goemans wrote:
  I noticed the same. It’s getting easier with the available power gates and better batteries/ quieter generators these days!
Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI
From: N2EI
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2019 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: [4SQRP] Field Day
Personally, I am encouraged by the number of stations I hear operating 1-E or 2-E. In a true emergency, anyone not already deployed to service is very likely to be directed to shelter in place. Being able to operate for an extended period of time on emergency power from a home station is a true asset that is sometimes not considered.

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