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We ran FT-8 down here in Tampa (2A with GOTA and VHF), but I wish that we had run JS-8 instead. Digital makes sense if and only if real traffic can be carried. The Free Text line in FT-8 is really only useful if you have abbreviations that are well understood or you publish a specific set to use (to avoid being dinged for using ciphers). JS-8 allows for open-ended messaging. Maybe ARRL should consider promoting a mode that is technically advanced and is truly functional for communications during emergencies……………………………just as CW is………………………..




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I have long thought ARRL Field Day rules need a makeover.  The last time I spoke with anyone at the League about it, they weren't interested in new ideas.


When digital was RTTY and PSK-31 it seemed reasonable to equate its value to CW. CW takes more operator skill,  but Digital is more valuable to Emergency Management as it allows more possible routes for the message and less chance of spelling errors.  So from an emergency perspective I can see parody in them.  While the Free Text line in FT-8 can convey a real Field Day exchange,  I think few operators would use it for such a purpose, and it would take awhile to do it. RTTY and PSK-31 may still be King for Field Day type exchanges.


Don, W9EBK 


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But, I might bring up the following question and squash me if I am wrong.
Do you believe that a digital operator should be given the same per QSO
points as a CW operator?   

For your consideration from a grumpy old guy.

chuck, k7qo

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