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Dave Belville <davebelville@...>

You are absolutely right John. We tried FT8 on Field Day. It's a good mode
for filling your log or working on awards but, in my opinion it has
very little value for
anything else. We were running QRP and I think we had 18 FT8 contacts.
It wasn't worth the trouble.

73 de Dave, NI9M

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If Field Day really weren't a contest, there's no reason to exclude the
WARC bands. During a real emergency operation in the field, the WARC
bands would certainly be allowed. The contest aspect of Field Day is
what motivates a lot of clubs to participate, but the emergency
preparedness aspect is the reason Field Day even exists. I wonder how
many clubs would bother with Field Day if there were no scoring at all.

A person who knows CW might consider using SSB at 5 Watts a lot more
difficult to make a contact than when using CW. It all depends on skill
level and perspective. In that regard, I guess no contest is perfect,
the only exception being the Second Sunday Sprint (hi).

My only gripe with some digital modes is they seem to be almost useless
as far as communicating critical information is concerned. During Field
Day, call sign, class, and section name might be important, but during
an emergency, more information than that is required to make the mode
useful. If the purpose of Field Day is to practice skills required to
set up an emergency station "in the field", then maybe digital modes
that aren't practical during an emergency shouldn't be allowed during
this particular contest. In the aftermath of a hurricane, no ham in the
affected area is going to think this is a good time to try to work all

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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