Re: Electronic visual aids for working with SMD (i.e. microscopes)

John Clements

Most of the time I use my magnifier lamp (with an eye loupe sitting on top) and use a cheap set of head mounted magnifiers.  But when it gets real tough or I want to take a picture/video I use a USB microscope with my 32" TV.  My first one was a $15 kids microscope, worked OK  but took poor video.  I upgraded to a $50 one which for static images is about the same but video's are much cleaner.  I gave the $15 one away to a fellow ham.  The hardest part is adjusting focus (depth of field as mentioned in this thread) and my TV is at an angle to the bench so hand/eye coordination between TV and work can be a little challenging at times.  A few pictures can be seen in this link:

73 John kc9on

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