Re: Any QRP Voice Nets?

Dan Reynolds

I've never found anything. Seems mostly QRP & SSB are not good partners. But I've had a lot of fun with it. When things were better I would prowl around contests and pick up some DX. Seems everybody has better ears in a contest. LOL! I think, too it's hard to depend on propagation to schedule a regular net. 
This week is one of my favorite events - 13 Colonies. You should give it a try. They often will ask for QRP stations.
Hang in there. You can still QRP & SSB and have fun. I've actually gotten (3) 1000 miles per watt QRP-ARCI awards (the ones I turned in). And that was with my old radio a FT-817 and wire antennas. 
One more thing, and I will state up front that this is me, I don't advertise that I'm QRP unless someone specifically asks or like in the 13 colonies event they want QRP stations to answer. At least for US amateurs-- they get awfully deaf once you tell them you're QRP. Some are even insulting. Personally I view it as fishing with light tackle. I like the challenge and I like to think I'm accomplishing something. 
Have fun. 
Dan Reynolds -- KB9JLO

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