FOXHUNT: Fox hunt Thursday 11 July N9EP/WX2S

Dale Putnam

Hi folks-just a heads up that our next hunt is this Thursday 11 July (local date) 0100-0230 July 12 UTC.
I’ll be one of your foxii, the other will be Steve WX2S in NJ.

This first-time fox will be hanging out somewhere between 14050-14070 KHz.  You will hear the "standard exchange": (substitute appropriate RST)

<your call> xx9 IL ED 5W <your call>

I will be giving "true" RST reports, so be sure to listen closely.
i will be sending at 20 WPM to try and accommodate as many folks as possible.  Feel free to call me at any (reasonable) speed.  I start to fade at about 40 WPM.

I will operate split to start, listening up 1 to 1.5 KHz.  I will indicate that I'm listening split by sending "UP".  After the calls thin out, I may go to simplex, listen closely for the "UP", if you don't hear it call me simplex. 
You can probably improve your odds when working simplex if you don't zero-beat me.

Hope to hear you all and pass out a lot of pelts!

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