Re: FDIM Requests

Rich Fowler <k8meg@...>

I sent this direct to Terry, but sharing with the group...

Hi Terry,

The MI QRP has put out silk screen T-shirts that I think cost about $5-7 and sell them for $15. You probably seen a few at Dayton. These are generic with a saying like  Witts Over Watts. I don't recall what the new ones have on them. The club is identified but no logo. Anyway they are done locally.  To me, you get what you pay for...the lettering starts to wear off after a few months, etc.

I don't know the details on their embroidered  sport shirt, but they cost (sell for) about $35, I'm guessing. The person's name and call sign are embroidered around the MIQRPCLUB logo.  

As for hats and, yet to be mentioned, badges, I think that most hams would like their call included so I think that someone like the Sign Man of Baton Rouge would be a good source for that if people want that or he might be able to screen (?) 4SQRP generic hats. If the Sign Man had our logo, he could make badges for members who would like them.

Dave, from ham threads, used to live in Michigan and his products are good. I just threw away a denim shirt that I bought from him about 10 years ago... lots of wear. He gives a quantity discount. But there is an initial expense to set up the logo.

I'm sure lots of towns have embroidery and print shops that are also capable of meeting the need.  Probably would be a good idea to define what goes on the items. Logo#1 for hats and Logo#4 from Logo and Banner web page or something new. Maybe put it out there for people to accept or redesign?

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