Items for sale

Arthur Prior

We have gone back to the RV lifestyle and space is limited so I have to pass on some of my goodies. All prices are "O B O" and shipping is not included, all items are in very good shape except #1, and I can email pictures.  #1, 1922 Radiant 1 tube radio-looks complete, needs some rewiring and coils rewound. $25.00.    #2 Ten Tec # 1253 9 band SW rcvr-looks and works great.  $60.00     #3 Murania, works great, $25.00.         #4 Complete "Breadboard" radio with xcvr, cw filter and antenna tuner on a finished 9x12 board. also has a powered speaker, small storage box with extra xtals and a "night sender" key. $90.00.              #5 Bayou Jumper in box (green board) with several extra xtals. $75.00.        #6 N3ZI compact counter, $15.00         #7, NS 40  set up with wood cabinet, rcvr in own wood cabinet but can be installed in cabinet with other 2 units, in nice shape but needs wiring together.   $100.00

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