SSS Results for August

John Lonigro

Fellow QRPers:

We had 11 participants in the August Second Sunday Sprint, not a bad showing.  Most notable is the fact that three of the participants were first-timers: Glenn, N4MJ; David, W0DCX; and Alex, W3AVP. Glenn is from South Fulton, TN.  David lives down the highway from me, in Chesterfield, MO.  And Alex is from New Holland, PA.  Welcome to all three of you.  Please participate in the SSS as often as possible.  That goes for everyone in the organization.  The more participants, the more likely QSOs will be made.

Now for the results:  The August winner is Nick, WB5BKL, with 17 QSO points, followed closely by Chas, W2SH (15 points) and John, K4BAI (12 points).  Nick will be receiving his (digital) certificate in the mail (email) shortly.  For the year, Chas, W2SH, is still in the lead with 123 points, followed by Carl, WB0CFF, with 102 points, and Nick, WB5BKL, with 77 points.  Chas has a commanding but not insurmountable lead.  Several people have a decent chance to overtake Nick for third place and there's an outside chance Carl could either take the lead from Chas or falter and drop a bit in the standings.  In other words, don't assume the contest is over.  There are still four months to go in the 2019 SSS.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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