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I haven't a final solution to your interesting question. My guess is that efficiency would increase with increased bulb wattage rating due to less energy loss in heating the filament assuming that the "bulb" is a filament type?

I happened upon the following conversion table most "illuminating" while pondering your query …

How to convert watts to lumens


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If one uses a 100w bulb instead of a 6w bulb will the resulting signal be significantly stronger? 😉🙈

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Sounds good to me. I have used a 6 watt exit light bulb and socket as a dummy load and it worked fine. I used it once with a home brewed tuner and tuned for full brilliance hi hi de Paul

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For many years OzarkCon has been the host of the famous Dummy Load Antenna QSOs. An example is at Terry's WA0ITP website.....

Now we have another challenge.....The Lightbulb QSO Party.......

Have not tried the lightbulb in a long time but they do work, and be careful because you may see the SWR gradually jumping High! Old school filament lightbulbs are used! 


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